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Marche, Offida DOCG






Marche is located on the eastern side of central Italy, sandwiched between the Adriatic sea to the east and the Apennine mountain range to the west. It is best known for its white wines that are clean, fresh and mineral driven. There’s this perfect micro-climate with the low hills between the sea and the mountains that creates a perfect balance between acidity and minerality in the wines.


The variety is Passerina. An ancient grape variety that is popular in the Adriatic area, from which clean, fresh wines are made. Passerina makes a fragrant and delicate white, which is both floral and fruity. 

Named after the brightly coloured sparrows that feast on these grapes, “Passerina" is delicate, light in body, simplicity, and informal occasions. This grape is extremely hard to find in this market.


Domodimonti is owned by the Bellini family. Francesco Bellini grew up in Italy, but moved to the Montreal area to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals. After achieving major breakthroughs with drugs to treat diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis C and Alzheimer’s, Bellini was able to cash in and achieve his dream of owning a vineyard near his home.

The producer is focused on sustainability — all the electricity and power used by the Domodimonti winery comes from certified renewable sources. All practices are organic, and great measures are taken to preserve the natural environment of the vineyards. The grapes are grown sustainably, with no chemicals or machines used in the vineyard. No sugars, acids or additives are used in winemaking and minimal sulfites.

Domodimonti’s style is fruit-forward, pure, clean and well-balanced wines.


Serve chilled 7° – 10° degrees,  to keep the wine crisp and refreshing. It is lighter bodied and delicate, so it’s best to keep it chilled for the most impact of “freshness”, but not so cold that it’s beautiful texture is masked.

The Nose

Citrus, honeysuckle, wet stone minerality, light hay note, almondWhite flowers, pear, citrus   

Tasting Notes

On the palate, this is fresh, crisp, and well-balanced. Lighter body, with a little bit of texture from some lees contact in the winemaking. The citrus and minerality come through again, with a slight bit of savouriness. Medium acidity and a dry finish. 

Food Pairings

Restaurant: Pairing: Burrata di Murgella, pine syrup, focaccia.

Home: Soft cheese, prosciutto, simple shellfish preparations, salad.

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Why We Like It

We love the big green apple and unexpected (long) finish we get from this unique white! An ideal sipper for Vancouver’s early spring Patio SZN. 


6 x 750ml Bottles | $24.29 Per Bottle | Delivery Time 3 Weeks

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