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Schloss Lieser

SL Riesling Trocken



Schloss Lieser




Mosel, Germany






Mosel wines come from some of the most difficult vineyards to deal with, with plots so steep that harvesting them can be a real challenge! 40% of the region's vineyards are located on steep slopes (at or over a 30% pitch). The steepest vineyard is at a 68% grade! Why is that? Not for the winemaker cardio stats but simply to make the most out of the sunlight exposure. Being a cold region in a cool climate, sunlight, frost control and sun reflection from the river make the difference between an ok vintage and an exceptional one!


Riesling is the dominant grape in Mosel, Germany. It is an incredibly versatile grape that can go from bone-dry to luscious sweet wines. It can go from entry-level lemon-pie-driven bulk wine to incredibly age-worthy treats with prices going off the roof. Its aromatic palate is quite unusual: from safe and common citrusy or floral notes to… bee wax, ginger or petroleum. Some geeky wine drinkers would actually use “tennis ball” or “gasoline” as tasting notes to describe some Riesling, in a good way!

Tasting Notes

Phenomenal aromatic bouquet: yellow stone fruits, juicy pears and sun-ripened citrus fruits are sharing the spotlight with mineral nuances. Combined with a high acidity, this wine is suitable for ageing a few years but could be enjoyed right now too!

Food Pairings

This is a perfect wine to enjoy on its own. It will be a great companion to mild aromatic thai food or northern Indian dishes. Great with fish such as saffron halibut or tuna tataki sashimi.

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If you like this, go and climb the German Pradikatswein ladder! It gives the consumer a sense of quality and sweetness level to that of German Rieslings, from bone dry to luscious sweet Eiswein/icewine! If you are curious about the “tennis ball” aromas mentioned before, you can try to get your hands on an Australian Riesling from the Clare Valley!

Why We Like It

It is a great wine, made by a great winemaker, from one of the most interesting terroirs in the world ! Thomas Haag comes from an historical family of winemakers from the region. He decided to put his experiences and knowledge into good use and buy with his wife in the 90’s this schloss/chateau to rebuild its reputation and actually gave his younger brother the chance to take over the family vineyard. Since then, they extended the vines with the purchase or rent (some of the top spots in Mosel cannot actually be sold!) of some top notch parcelles. He has been awarded TWICE winemaker of the years by two different european wine guides & is renowned for producing some of the best Rieslings in Mosel… so in the world!


6 x 750ml Bottles | $31.00 Per Bottle | Delivery Time 3 Weeks

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