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Famiglia Cotarella Falesco




Famiglia Cotarella Falesco




Lazio, Central Italy






Lazio, an Italian wine region located in the central part of the country, is the home of the ancient capital Rome. The region has a long history of winemaking, dating back to when the Etruscans originally settled the territory. In addition to its long history, Lazio is also home to many ancient volcanoes. The volcanic soils definitely play into increased complexity of Lazio’s wines.


​​The Merlot grape variety is one of the great stars of international winemaking. With ancient and obscure origins, especially in the Bordeaux area, today it is cultivated and spread all over the world. Its success is attributable to its extraordinary adaptability and resistance, as well as the velvety smoothness of the flavours it produces, both as a "solo" grape and in combination with its inseparable companion Cabernet Sauvignon, with which it creates the famous Bordeaux blend.  


Famiglia Cotarella Falesco was founded in 1979 in Montefiascone by brothers Riccardo and Renzo Cotarella, both winemakers whose backgrounds and experiences are deeply rooted in their home territory, located between Umbria and Lazio.Riccardo consults with dozens of Italian wineries, and has a reputation for excellence in vineyard operations, modern winemaking techniques and wine marketing. Renzo is the chief enologist and chief executive officer at Marchesi Antinori and has been working for Antinori for more than 4 decades. In 2017, Dominga, Marta and Enrica, daughters of Riccardo and Renzo, officially take over management of the company. Their strongest desire was to firmly identify the company not only with its native territory but also with the family name. In 2017, the company transitioned from the historic Falesco to today’s “Famiglia Cotarella”.


Serve anywhere from 18-20 degrees C. Use a red wine glass to allow for the wine to oxygenate and open up!

The Nose

Aromatic notes of red fruit and sweet spices are in perfect harmony with the woody vanilla notes that you get from 9 months ageing period.

Tasting Notes

The forward palate offers blackberry jam, mocha and clove alongside pliant tannins. The wine is full bodied, with a lengthy balanced finish and polished soft tannins. 

Food Pairings

A tomato acid forward pasta like a puttanesca would be amazing.

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Why We Like It

This wine is from a very notable winery that is not so well know here(yet). Wine spectator has awarded Famigila Contarella 11 consecutive years in the top 100 wineries, and 7 out of 11 Italian 3 Michelin star restaurants serve their wine. It's seriously underrated!


6 x 750ml Bottles | $37.50 Per Bottle | Delivery Time 3 Weeks

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