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Voyager Estate

Voyager Estate Chenin Blanc



Voyager Estate


Chenin Blanc


Margaret River, Australia






Margaret River is the wine region that is the farthest from us here in Vancouver. It is tucked away in Southwestern Australia and just a short drive south of Perth. The majority of winemakers in this region prefer a more European elegance to their wines than some of the more bold styles from other parts of Australia.


Chenin Blanc is hard to categorize as it comes in so many different styles. The grape makes fantastic sparkling wines, rich honeyed dessert wines, and various types of dry white wines. In the Margaret River it makes up a small percentage of the types of grapes grown, but it is quickly gaining popularity. Their wines are quite dry, with ripe pomme fruit, and great acidity.


Voyager Estates is one of the founding wineries in the Margaret River and was established in 1978. It is a family owned winery that focuses on sustainability and innovation with every bottle using grapes from their estate.


Allow the temperature to come up a little bit after removing this wine from the fridge. The wine has had a few years in bottle and the higher temperature will allow you to appreciate the rich developed fruit characters.

The Nose

Typical Chenin aromas of yellow apples and pears. The age of this wine enhances the ripeness of the fruit.

Tasting Notes

The flavours echo the nose with over ripe apple and pear notes. The acidity is key, as it balances out those ripe notes and keeps the wine lively and youthful.

Food Pairings

Restaurant: I would head over to Miantiao and enjoy this wine with the Pork Belly. The Miantiao Spice Blend and oxidized apple are both complementary to this wine.

Home: Honey glazed BBQ pork ribs.

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Why We Like It

Chenin Blanc is one of the nine noble white wine varieties for a reason. As a wine lover, it is always exciting to see a grape variety that is so versatile. 


6 x 750ml Bottles | $24.97 Per Bottle | Delivery Time 3 Weeks

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