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"Thank you all for working with me...

 I truly appreciate this opportunity and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future. As a token of my appreciation, I've teamed up with Wine Vikings to provide a virtual tasting for the wines you've received. The videos will guide you through each bottle and help you understand what you’re sippin’ on and why it matters. Crack open a bottle or two (I don’t judge), pour yourselves a glass, and click on the wine(s) you're enjoying below."

Altovinum, Novellum 2020

Domodimonti, iAM 2018 

Chateau La Nerthe, Les Cassagnes de La Nerthe 2019

Luis Pato, Baga Rosé, N.V.

Finca Casa Balaguer, Tragolargo Monastrell, 2019

Mamete Prevostini, Garof Grumello, 2017

Agricola Punica, Montessu Isola Dei Nuraghi 2016

Jean Loron, Domaine des Billards Héritiers Loron Saint-Amour 2018

Cantina Lunae, Colli de Luni Vermentino 2017 

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