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Doug Stephen

The man, the myth, and the legend behind DL chicken. Doug is an absolute force in the culinary scene. BUT don’t get it twisted - the man knows a thing or two about fine wines. He believes food and wine are some of life's greatest joys and is always coming up with game changing pairings that’ll please any palate. Ever had fried chicken and champagne?


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Cataratto, Sicily 

This is a light, crisp and refreshing white. A perfect pairing to the start of the evening on a late summer day. Think lemonade with hints of green apple and a hint of barnyard.

Chenin Blanc, Margaret River

Chenin Blanc feels like a weird wonderful grape that deserves more credit. This wine has an incredible acidity that allows it to age for years developing very cool mushroomy notes.

Sparkling Baga, Barraida

These Baga based bubbles are criminally underrated simply because the region is less known… as such, it's an incredible value for any and all.

Monastrell, Alicante

Berries, leather, herbs and all with a light acidity that help pull this wine together. Think young southern rhone valley, but with a softness you just can't get from there.

Syrah, Minervois

Brash and brooding, a fun take on a classic Rhone Blend, but from a lesser known region. Big tannins round out the full flavour with a soft and light acidity.  

Nebbiolo, Valtellina Superiore 

What’s not to like?? Nebbiolo (most will know this grape from barolo or barbaresco) grown on the hillside with great exposure. An unreal combination of power with a soft touch. 

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