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Enjoy Subscriber-Exclusive Wines.

These are cult wines; they’re hard-to-find small producer vintages that have been sourced internationally–and are not widely available in the Canadian marketplace.


Up Your Wine Game.

Through a series of short videos and product cards, our team of Wine Vikings will bring you up to speed on varietals, tasting notes, pairings, and more… Helping to provide some important insight into the world’s most daunting drink.


Stock Up.

Novinophobia (the fear of running out of wine) is a real thing. The fix? Stock up on our special selections that are great to drink now–or later. Trust us, the future you will be a huge fan.


Save Yourself The Liquor Store Guesswork.

If you like wine, you’re likely already purchasing at least 6 to 12 a month. The problem? Sometimes you’ll take a shot at a new bottle–and miss. That’s where we come in, helping you avoid the daunting, repetitive task of purchasing with a carefully chosen wine that’s guaranteed to please. You’ll even learn a little on the way, too.


Delivered To Your Door.

The way we shop is changing. Why wait in line when you can have wine delivered directly to your doorstep? Convenience is key.




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