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Ready to learn some cool wine stuff?

Our virtual tasting series guides you through each wine and helps you understand what you’re sippin’ on and why it matters. Crack open a bottle or two (we don’t judge), pour yourselves a glass, and click on the wine(s) you're enjoying below.



Bar Corso’s Michelle Kanis & Anson Lo

Famous for making some of the meanest cocktails in the city; Michelle knows what it takes for something to be perfectly balanced. And when it comes to wine, her palate is on POINT... but it doesn't stop there folks. Joining Michelle front and centre is financier by day and wine director by night, a man you can truly bank on when it comes to selecting your summer sips, the one and only, Anson Lo.


Chambar’s Kelcie Jones

We couldn’t be happier to have the one and only Kelcie Jones - Chambar’s all-star wine director on board as our inaugural Wine Viking. As a perennial student of wine, she knows what’s up and what's new. Touting a WSET Diploma, the VinItaly ‘Maestro’ level, a 3IC Italian wine certificate - you know you’ll be getting some seriously good juice.

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