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Bartier Bros




Okanagan Valley, Canada





Why We Like It

Semillon isn’t often seen as a single variety in BC, but it works well as a neutral, soft pairing wine.

What We Taste

Full bodied, soft and round, Semillon has a distinct honeydew melon flavour that works well with fresh salads and grilled vegetables.

What We Smell

Stone Fruit, apricot, peach.

Food Pairing

I would pair this wine with our risotto from the heat and eat line because it has a lovely miso, umami flavour, and the delicate fruit in this wine picks up really well on those flavours. Order the perfect pairing from Chambar HERE.


Boasting over 2000 hours of sunshine a year, the Okanagan Valley is BC’s premier grape-growing region and arguably one of the best summer holiday destinations for Vancouverites. With over 185 licensed grape wineries, you’re in for a wine-filled couple of days. The best part? After an afternoon of heavy wine touring (and once you feel that vino vibe) you can take a midday nap at one of the many surrounding lakes and beaches.


The Bartier Bros both grew up in the Okanagan Valley but left as young men to pursue different career paths- Don an accountant, Michael a winemaker. You could say they missed home as they both eventually found their way back. Michael always longed for his own winery, but lacked the business expertise, which is where Don came in. With a vision in mind and shovels in hand, they built a small vineyard at Don’s wife’s family property. Ta-da! A winery was born. They make great wines but an even better team.

Wine Vikings Team Tip*

The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and Spring has officially arrived. On a beautiful day like this, there’s no chance we are firing up the oven. Sushi takeout it is! Salmon or tuna sashimi? The question we ask ourselves every time. Spicy or non-spicy? Sooo many decisions. Well at least we don’t have to decide on a wine- Semillon is an easy go to for the sushi lover.

*This tip does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of our featured Wine Viking but is instead how our team in the background likes to enjoy these wines, along with a few simple hacks.


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