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Famille Hugel

Gentil ‘Hugel’



Famille Hugel


Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner


AOC Alsace, France






Unlike most other French wine regions, there is only one AOC for most wines made in the whole of Alsace. Roughly just above 75 percent of the Alsatian vineyards were producing wine under the Alsace AOC appellation. ​​This is the perfect introduction to Alsace wines as it combines the qualities of all the native white varietals.


This wine revives an ancient Alsace tradition that wines assembled from noble grape varieties were called "Gentil". These varieties are blended together to make a white blend out of some of the most favoured local varieties. Getting beautiful and spicy flavours from the Gewürztraminer, nice body from the Pinot Gris, super refreshing notes from the Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner, and beautiful elegance from the Riesling.


The Famille Hugel was founded in 1639 in Alsace, France, is still 100% family owned and managed by the 12th consecutive generation of the family.


10 degrees C or more chilled, as it is a field blend that is crisp and refreshing. There are 4.5 grams of residual sugar but it is balanced with great acidity!

The Nose

The bouquet is young, daring and filled with a wonderfully pure juvenile, spontaneous and aromatic expression, it is full-fruited with a subtle hints of Muscat, elderflower, white peach, lemon balm, grapefruit, lime, hawthorn, spring jasmine, lime tree cherry and pear blossom.

Tasting Notes

Juicy fruit, generous body and just enough acidity to keep it bright at the finish. There is an intriguing, spicy finish.

Food Pairings

Anything light and crisp. From a watermelon summer salad or tuna tataki, to something with a little heat to bring out those layers of brightness of peach, melon and slight notes of spice.

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Why We Like It

We love the complexity and the fineness that all the varieties bring. There isn’t a moment when something new and different is popping up on the nose or the palate. It is also so wildly versatile on what you can pair with it or when you can enjoy it! 


6 x 750ml Bottles | $27.00 Per Bottle | Delivery Time 3 Weeks

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