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Giovanni Rosso

Barbera d’Alba Donna Margherita



Giovanni Rosso




Piedmont, Italy





Why We Like It

Barbera, though you may not have heard of it, is one of the most widely planted red grapes in Italy. It is naturally high in acidity, but low in tannins, so it is a great food wine. It is a fresh and light bodied wine, but still packs tons of flavour.

What We Taste

Fresh blackberries, cassis and smoked meat.

What We Smell

Blueberries, wet earth, blackberries.

Food Pairing

We love a light, earthy red wine with Chambar's plant-based mushroom broth. The delicacy of the broth shouldn’t be overwhelmed by a full-bodied wine, but the flavours are similar. Simmer the broth with root vegetables like beets and sunchokes to bring out the savoury elements of the Barbera. Order the perfect pairing from Chambar HERE.


Piedmont, true to the meaning of its name (foot of the mountain), is a landlocked region in Northwest Italy. Surrounded by the alps and dotted with castles, it looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. Home to the FIAT, truffles, and fine wine, Piedmont produces some of the best reds in the world including Barbera, Barolo, and Barbaresco.


Giovanni Rosso is a small, family-owned producer in the heart of the Barolo commune of Serralunga d'Alba. They are alllll about red wines, and truly passionate about Barolo and its great grape, Nebbiolo. Ever heard of oenology? It’s the study and science of wine, and what Giovanni’s son Davide chose to master (meaning there was some serious TLC put into cultivating this juice).

Wine Vikings Team Tip*

Decant, Decant, Decant. Let this wine open up and show you who it truly is. Give it some time, let it get to know you and it will be a much smoother convo. We get it that you’re not that patient so plan ahead, we recommend opening it just after lunch to enjoy it that evening. Plus it gives you something to look forward to all day.

*This tip does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of our featured Wine Viking but is instead how our team in the background likes to enjoy these wines, along with a few simple hacks.


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