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I Frati Lugana

Cà dei Frati



I Frati Lugana


100% Turbiana


Lugana, Lombardy, Italy






The Lugana appellation is located just to the south of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake. Its maritime location produces a unique micro climate, where the surrounding body of water mitigates the cold during winter and the heat during summer. This is what helps keep the grapes cool during the final months of Summer and protects them from freezing in the Winter.


Lugana’s grape, Turbiana, is a bit of a mystery. For the longest time, it was thought to be a variant of Trebbiano because it was called Trebbiano di Lugana, but in 2021 it was officially classified as its own unique grape varietal. A native grape, it's a late ripener that thrives in the lake microclimate and yields less than many other varieties, another factor in quality winemaking!. 


Ca’ dei Frati It’s called Ca’ dei Frati or “friar house,” because it was once owned by monks who grew grapes there. Ca’ dei Frati has been family-owned and run for three generations.


12 degrees C, chilled but not too cold where you lose the layers of complexity. When a wine is too cold you risk losing all the beautiful characteristics.

The Nose

Aromas of white spring flower, citrus and wild herb waft out of the glass, hints of apricots and subtle notes of almond. With age, you’ll gain traces of spices and candied fruit.

Tasting Notes

Tangy and crisp, the savoury, linear palate delivers juicy white grapefruit, yellow peach, fennel and dill alongside bright acidity. 

Food Pairings

This is a perfect fall white wine. Fuller in body for the fall and would pair amazingly with something cold or warm. A cheese plate, a broiled or steamed fish dish, or even something  like your turkey dinner would be outstanding if you are sticking to white wine.

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Why We Like It

We have always been big fans of textural whites. Don’t get us wrong, we love a crisp patio wine - but this wine just has so many levels. Each time you try it, you get something new. We are also hugeeee fan of native varieties being brought back into popularity. So this is a WIN. 


6 x 750ml Bottles | $28.53 Per Bottle | Delivery Time 3 Weeks

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