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Jean Collet & Fils, Domaine Collet Chablis 2018 Members Only

Jean Collet & Fils

Domaine Collet Chablis


Producer: Jean Collet & Fils

Variety: Chardonnay

Region: Chablis, France

Vintage: 2018

ABV: 12.5%

Chablis is a stand-out in the wine world for being an unoaked style of Chardonnay. Chardonnay has been typecast as full-bodied, buttery and oaky, and this wine is anything but those things! Fresh, clean and minerally, this Chablis is classic and a great value from this region that is notoriously pricey! Romain Collet, the winemaker, recently took over for his father and has converted the whole winery to organic farming, and ever since, the wines have shown a new depth and concentration. I’m excited to see what they will do in the future!

Crisp green apples, lemon pith, and freshly baked brioche. The palate has more depth and creaminess than some styles of Chablis, but it is still unmistakably classic!

Oyster shells, lemon juice, chalkboards and the beach. It’s fresh and bright while still remaining elegant and understated.

At Chambar, the Moules Frites Vin Blanc: Chablis and shellfish are a natural pairing, as the elegance and delicacy of the wine work well with the light and simple broth of this classic dish.

Chablis is best known as the Chardonnay making wine region in Burgundy, France. Visiting this tiny village is similar to taking a step back in time. Medieval houses and narrow streets lead to a massive church, while vineyards dominate the surrounding area. Did we just describe a scene from Game of Thrones? Probably. Nonetheless, this picture-esque village with 15th century vibes makes some of the purest Chardonnay on the planet.

The Collet family has, since 1792, and from generation to generation, dedicated themselves to their vines and vineyard. They’ve been around a looonnng time and have had centuries to perfect their wines. It’s some seriously good stuff. The winery and cellar are both located in the heart of the village of Chablis and they’re currently represented by Romain, the fourth generation of Collets. The Collet family has never hesitated to invest in their wines and always ensure that you’re drinking the best of the best. It makes sense why they’ve been around for so long. 

Turn on Netflix, throw on The Office, Bridgerton, or some other show you’ve watched and rewatched during the pandemic. Pop a big bowl of popcorn and season it with garlic, herbs, and butter- the perfect pairing. This sounds like our kinda Tuesday night.

*This tip does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of our featured Wine Viking but is instead how our team in the background likes to enjoy these wines, along with a few simple hacks.

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