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Luis Pato, Baga Rosé, N.V. - Members Only

Luis Pato

Baga Rosé


Producer: Luis Pato

Variety: Baga

Region: Bairrada, Portugal

Vintage: NV

ABV: 12.5%

Bairrada is one of Portugal’s most important and yet least discovered wine regions. The region was the first to adopt and explore sparkling wines, which arguably put it on the map. With influence from the Atlantic ocean, predominantly clay soils, and a cool humid climate, wines from Bairrada are one-of-a-kind and known for their incredible aging capabilities.

Baga is a (highly underrated) Portugese grape variety planted primarily in the Bairrada region. This red grape has a high production level and matures easily, resulting in dark wines with concentrated aromas. The incredible aging capabilities of the Baga grape are due to the region’s sun exposure and clayey soils.

Luis Pato is the best known wine producer in the Bairrada region and for good reason. The winery was founded by his father Joao Pato in 1970, but Luis Pato soon took over and inherited his nonconformist and pioneer spirit while single handedly turning around the reputation of Bairrada with his exceptional wines. Luis believes that the fact he was trained as a chemical engineer and not an oenologist has given him a different perspective on making wine and allows him to push the boundaries.

However you prefer your young bubbles, for me that’s fresh out of a fridge and on ice, the chillier the better. Obviously if you’d like the flavour and aroma to pop a little more, allow it to warm up just a few degrees, either in the glass or pull the bottle from the ice.

A weird and wonderful combination of berries, melons and a hint of leather that can only be brought about through this intriguing region.

As the bubbles hit the tongue and berries dance in the mouth, the acidity and power start to come through. What a fun wine that evolves in the mouth and glass.

Restaurant: DL Chicken Fried Chicken, at a Mild to Medium spice level would be a gem of a pairing.

Home: I’d just go pick up take out fried chicken, no sense in making the house stink. But this would also pair with earthier rich white meat dishes, think bacon mustard sauce over a beautifully roasted chicken breast or pork chop.

Sparkling Rose, Skin Contact Pinot Gris.

Baga based bubbles are criminally underrated simply because the region is less known… as such it’s an incredible value for any and all.

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