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Mamete Prevostini, Garof Grumello, 2017 - Members Only

Mamete Prevostini

Garof Grumello


Producer: Mamete Prevostini

Variety: Nebbiolo

Region: Valtellina, Italy

Vintage: 2017

ABV: 14%

Valtellina is a valley in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, sitting on the slopes of the Alps. The grapes grown here are offered great sun exposure in exchange for a slightly higher climate. The result? A perfect combination of long warm days and cool nights that help to make an incredible style of wines.

Nebbiolo is an Italian grape variety that is responsible for some of the greatest reds in the world. In the Valtellina region, Nebbiolo is a late ripening grape and is one of the few that can be successfully ripened in the intense summer heat. This wine you’re sippin’ on is a Valtellina Superiore- a red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes that is considered worthy of full DOCG status, the highest level of Italian classification.

Mamete Prevostini is the leader of the pack when it comes to the Nebbiolo grape in the Valtellina region. The winery is situated between two mountains, with its vineyards set among terraced slopes that all need to be hand-picked due to the steep angle of the hillsides. Mamete Prevostini was also the first certified winery that had carbon neutral cellars for the production of wines with zero environmental impact. These actions transformed the winery into a project with excellent values.

Cellar temperature in a decanter with room to breathe and gently warm up. If you've got a wider wine glass or even a snifter, giving this wine the room it needs to breathe and pop will only help it more! If you’ve got the patience, wait a few years.

Roses, tar, a hint of game meat and mushrooms. All the hallmarks of great Nebbiolo. As the wine opens up, some light fruit notes start to show through.

A great combination of power with a soft touch. Tannic, but not overly brooding, enough acidity to help balance all that power wrapping up with a long finish. Evolving from floral, to berry, almost finishing with flavours of jerky.

Restaurant: The Truffle Royale, our thick bar patty burger layered with slab bacon and truffle cheese. This wine needs something strong to stand up to it.

Home: Think dry-aged beef, mushrooms, risotto, anything with truffle.

Barolo, Barbaresco and really any nebbiolo from Langhe, but those are the easy ones. Take a peak for some lovely cooler climate new world pinot noir or nebbiolo as well.

What’s not to like?? Nebbiolo (most will know this grape from barolo or barbaresco) grown on the hillside with great exposure. The wines of Valtellina also age just a tad quicker than their better known counterparts.

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