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Angeline Pinot Noir



Martin Ray Vineyards


Pinot Noir








For the past decade (well, more strikingly for the past decade anyway!), California has been a victim of global warming: wildfire, climate change and drought! The search to preserve water and make the most out of it is a key problem for the region. Luckily, Angeline wines from Martin Ray vineyards have been focused on sustainability for a while now. Solar panels that produce 80% of the electric needs of the winery for instance, or strict rules on recycling everything: from the pomaces to water waste that is used for irrigation (after filtering)!


Pinot Noir is a super star grape. From it, some of the most prestigious, most exclusive and expensive wines in the world come to life! Versatile, it goes from earthy to plummy depending on the climate it comes from - crunchy if you drink it young to mushroomy (in a very good way!) if you are patient! What’s more, it is one of the leading grapes of Champagne and produces some amazingly fruit-driven rosé wines in the South of France. However, it is a very difficult grape to work with: prone to diseases, early ripening and very fragile. As a result, you’d better be holding a pinot noir from a well-skilled winemaker in your hand or it can be green, overworked or simply non existent as it did not make it up to harvest! Luckily, with a glass of Angeline Pinot Noir, you are in for a treat.

Tasting Notes

Vivid notes of black raspberry, fresh pomegranate juice, with wild blueberry, sassafras, subtle licorice, toasted oak an earthy backbone, and grippy tannins.

Food Pairings

This is the perfect wine to go with a juicy roasted poultry accompanied with wild root vegetables and jus, sauteed mushrooms with garlic and herbs. On a more casual day, it’s perfect with popcorn chicken. It can be enjoyed on its own as well as a pre dinner treat after a hard day.

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This is an indulgent red wine, juicy and crunchy. If you like this, try one of the Crus du Beaujolais, especially Brouilly!

Why We Like It

We love this wine because it emphasises the characteristics of the varietal, letting the fruit speak: it tastes precisely like Pinot Noir. It’s bright, focused, and clean, with hints of berry, and notes of stone fruit.


6 x 750ml Bottles | $34.00 Per Bottle | Delivery Time 3 Weeks

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