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Quarterly 6-Pack Subscription

Quarterly, you will be introduced to six unique wines that have been sipped, vetted and selected by Vancouver’s finest chefs, somms., and restaurateurs (our Wine Vikings). Each delivery is accompanied by a video tasting that will guide you through your wines in an easy to follow and relatable format; helping you understand what you’re sippin’ on and why it matters.

Each Quarterly 6-Pack Includes:

  • A selection of 6 unique wines, as chosen by our featured Wine Viking
  • Delivery to your doorstep or office
  • A members-only video tasting series led by Vancouver's finest chefs, somms., and restauranteurs

The exact wines included in each subscription will only be revealed upon receiving your subscription (everyone loves a good surprise, don’t they?). But don’t worry, we won’t keep you totally in the dark … you can catch descriptions for upcoming and past subscriptions HERE.

Upcoming Quarterly 6-Pack:

Fall 2021: DL Chicken | Delivery: Sep 5-Sep 25 [CURRENT] 
Winter 2021: Ask For Luigi | Delivery: Dec 5-Dec 25
Spring 2021: Savio Volpe | Delivery: Mar 5-Mar 25

Quarterly 6-Pack Subscription
Quarterly 6-Pack Subscription

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